Introducing CyberCars


Welcome to CyberCars, the first NFT project on the Ethereum blockchain, where owners can race their NFT cars in a new 3D game, play with them in augmented reality, travel through the metaverse, and much more! As the first of its kind, CyberCars digital car ownership will be fun, innovative, community-driven.

The beginnings of CyberCars were humble.

We got together as a group of friends and pioneers in blockchain, racing, and gaming, led by Dmitry Samorukov, an internationally renowned drag racer. The vision was to build an exciting NFT project with more utility than just a JPEG. So we began developing a 3D game with a sleek integration of CyberCars NFTs, and build an epic team of Formula 1 and racing enthusiasts in cyberspace.

NFT Drop & Launch

The first ambassador drop is set for February 22, 2022 (2/22/22), and it will include a limited 2,222 CyberCars to be minted on the Ethereum blockchain. We will whitelist a small number of users, who will be able to mint first. If you want to be included in the whitelist mint, you have to engage with our community on Discord, and other social channels (@getcybercars).

Why CyberCars

A CyberCar NFT is not a simple JPEG. Instead, CyberCars is the first NFT project which includes a fully-featured 3D game, where you will be able to race your unique NFT. You will also be able to view your NFT in AR.

Once you mint your CyberCar on 2/22/22 or buy it on OpenSea later, you will unlock exclusive benefits, which only owners will be able to access. These benefits include real-world utility.


Every CyberCar NFT comes with unique utility, which only the owners can use. A unique car, with a unique license plate and country flag will have:

  1. Decentraland 3D CyberCar version
  2. Giveaways for 1:1 Zoom calls with racing stars
  3. Limited edition merch
  4. Free entries for Formula 1 tickets, and other high end racing events
  5. Access to a CyberCars NFT owners chat
  6. Offline meetups and events

Roadmap & Next Steps

Immediately after the first and original NFT drop on 2/22/22, we will be bringing more features and experiences to the CyberCars game, including racing on the earth, moon, mars, and other planets.

There will be future NFT mints with exclusive and custom CyberCars, which will come with special features. In the coming months, you’ll be able to collect and trade your CyberCars collection with other NFT aficionados.

CyberCars will keep bringing more utility to every NFT owner.

Note that as an NFT owner, you will unlock future benefits, which will include partnerships with more metaverses and projects with top-tier brands.

Long Term Vision

We want to build the best racing community in the Cyberspace. If you are a performance brand, or an influencer in the racing, crypto, or NFT community, we want to work with you. Please reach out to and we will do something exciting!

We will be providing weekly updates on our main social channels — so join our Discord, follow us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok, and stay tuned about our first drop and future developments.




Travel through the metaverse with CyberCars NFTs!

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Travel through the metaverse with CyberCars NFTs!

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